At Trophy Pond Solutions we have taken a different path when it comes to pond stocking.  The way we see it, there is no reason to have to wait years to enjoy catching big bass from your pond. If you have had trouble with growing enough forage to properly grow your bass, have just finished digging a pond, had a fish kill, or just want big bass now. We can help.
Our bass are trained to eat pellets, and will eat pellets or live forage when stocked in your pond. This allows for more flexibility when it comes to stocking. Normally you would stock your forage fish then wait for them to get established before adding fingerling bass. This can take a year. Then you hope that you have enough forage of the correct size to grow your bass. This can take 3-5 years. Then if everything worked as planned you will finally be catching nice bass. However since our bass will eat pellets we are able to stock ponds at any stage and still maintain good growth.
Even though our bass are pellet trained they still retain there predatory instincts. We begin introducing them to live prey their second year so that the learning curve will not be as great when they are stocked in your pond. 
We hope that you will consider using our bass in your next pond project. We will work hard to make sure you are happy with our level of service and our fish.
The Ray Family 
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We make the pricing as easy as possible. 
1-2 lb. $12.00 per lb./ 2-5lb. $18.00 per lb.
We promise to treat you fairly and that the bass will be healthy when they come into your possession.

Copper Nose Bluegill 
3-5" are $0.60 each /6-8" are $2.00 each/ 8-10" are $6.00 each
(10" and up ask)