Stunted fish!

Do your bass look like this?

There are two main reasons that bass get stunted. They are genetics and lack of forage. 

Genetics can be solved by adding a few bass from a different line to your pond. However if you add fingerlings to an existing pond you risk loosing most to your stunted bass as dinner because bass will eat their own.  So by adding larger proven growers you know that you will be getting what you're looking for without running the risk of them being eaten.
When it's a forage issue most of the time it's all about the size of forage available. If there isn't enough forage of the right size available the fish will not grow to there potential. They will eat small prey but if they burn more calories to catch it then they get from it they don't grow. A lot of small bodies of water have trouble producing enough forage to keep a good population of bass growing at it's potential. With our bass being pellet trained there is less need for an optimal frorage predator ratio.

I just dug a new pond.

If you just dug a new pond and you are wondering if you can stock big largemouths now the answer is yes.
The bass we sell are pellet trained and in the absence of the proper size forage they will maintain great growth on pellets alone.  However there is a need to have good structure in your pond as bass are opportunistic feeders and will eat whatever is available and easy to catch. The forage you stock will need a place to hide and avoid predators.
Let's admit it. When it comes to bass, size matters. It is more fun to catch a big bass. And you don't want to wait 3-5 years to be catching big bass from your pond. That is if you get the growth you think you will get. 
If you have a plantation or a pond that clients or guests fish in it is so much more impressive when they are pulling one large bass after another out of your water. In situations like this you can stock heavy for the wow effect, because they are pellet trained and food is not the limiting factor to how many big bass you can have per acre. So go nuts put some big fish in there and get them talking.

i just want to have fun!

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